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By BJ Hollins

Digital content is the back bone to every marketing strategy, campaign, and research gathered to get the right results. Please enjoy these short reads that will give you daily nuggets in helping to expand your knowledge in the Digital World.


Why Small Businesses Need Local Video Marketing
Local Video Marketing Enabling CUSTOMERS To see the value in YOUR OFFERING When you’re in a normal buyer/seller situation, it’s
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The Latest in Digital Marketing News and Reviews (2017)
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Hybrid Marketing
What is Hybrid Marketing? | A Brief Definition|
What is Hybrid Marketing? Hybrid marketing is a combination of traditional and technology based marketing stratigies. Implementing Hybrid Marketing into
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How to increase page authority for any website
Page Authority (PA) is one of the most important aspects to understanding SEO and improving rankings. Unfortunately, many people have
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How Hibu became the official Small Business Advertiser for Facebook and Google
Hibu and Facebook Partnership Read More… Hibu , also formerly known as the Yell company, has been around for over
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Outsourcing your Digital Marketing to smaller firms and freelancers
Outsourcing Digital Marketing Outsourcing Digital Marketing and SEO services to smaller firms The world of digital markeitng is changing at a phenomenal
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10 Step Multi-Channel Strategy: Why just ranking on Google is’nt the end all be all
                               The Ten Step Guide to Creating Your Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy from Netplus   Read More… Understanding Multi-channel Marketing  
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Why ranking isnt the most important reason for SEO
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Paid Marketing vs. Organic SEO
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Why, SEO is essential for any healthy business.
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