What is Hybrid Marketing?

Hybrid marketing is a combination of traditional and technology based marketing stratigies. Implementing Hybrid Marketing into a business strategy creates a powerful online and offline method resulting in a consistent marketing message from multiple channels. Hybrid Marketing is the interconnectedness of the online world and offline world. An simple example of Hybrid Marketing could be a coupon campaign that sends traffic to an online sales page forcing users to sign up for a mailing list that allows the company to send direct mail.

How to Implement a Hybrid Marketing Strategy

The first key to implementing Hybrid Marketiing is to come up with a strategy. You might want to sit down with a marketing consultant who specializes in this type of marketing. Just like most marketing campaigns it should be results driven and these results should be measurable. One thing to also mention about Hybrid Marketing is it's ability to build a holistic brand. Hybrid Marketing is a major game changer for small businesses who want to grow to the next level. Traditional marketing alone just doesnt do it nowadays. The oppurtunity to market to a global audience is tremedous and the results are as well.
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