Page Authority (PA) is one of the most important aspects to understanding SEO and improving rankings. Unfortunately, many people have mistakenly believed that when your website shows up on Google this means the whole website is ranking. The truth is Google ranks by page not by site. This means your website can rank on many different pages for many different keywords.   Learning how to increase Page Authority (PA) requires good quality content being shared. Here's some tips on how to increase Page Authority.

Steps to increase Page Authority...

1. Select a targeted Keyword or specified topic 2. Create Valuable Content 3. Do basic on page SEO (Learn more about on-page SEO) 4.. Generate High Quality Backlinks (.edu, .gov ,etc or related domain with PA/DA over 18) 5. Generate Social Signals (Learn more about Social Signals) 6. Use Silo structuring to connect pages within your website (Learn more about Silo Structures)
As several pages on your website begin to increase in Page Authority (PA) so will your Domain Authority (DA). These two agents work side by side. (As PA increase so will DA)
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... rank well. Learn how Page Authority is scored and how it differs from Domain Authority. ... The best way to influence this metric is to improve your overall SEO.
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